Planting provocative thoughts for inner growth.

Find inspiration through poetic expressions

“I enjoy reading your words of encouragement. They are always thought provoking.”

“Hey, just read “Arrested Development”; you truly have a gift from God; keep doing what you are doing; it has a very powerful impact on those of us that believe and may even make some others see the light.”

“Thank you Angie for “Arrested Development”. It speaks to my heart and my current state of mind. I need to get out of God’s way and let Him do His work! Thank you for helping me put things back into perspective.”

“Loved it. Your writing is so inspirational!”

“You have talent, Angie.”

“Hey Sis!!! So glad your keeping up with your ministry! I love the poems and encouragement.” – Soft Saturday 

“I’m loving this sis.” a soft Saturday

“Read your soft Saturday…again…always inspiring!”

“I love your emails and poems. They take me to a special spiritual place.” – a soft Saturday

Marvelous Conductor… “Loved it.  Your writing is so inspirational!”

“Can you cook?” Ang, that poem was awesome, thought provoking and anointed. Thank you for answering the call. The price is high, but the rewards will worth the wait. Keep pressing and as you continue to connect to your purpose as you serve and love God with all of your heart, you will surely collide with the king that God has ordained for You before you were even conceived. It will be worth the wait!!