Soul Mate Re-Visited

Poetic Mustard Seeds. Copyright November 25, 2013. All Rights Reserved. Recited to “LOVE”

when I first wrote this poem
it was titled “Soul Mate”
you see, if you’re like me
i was looking for that
one person
whom i
would feel this “connectedness to”
even though
i had realized
there is much homework
one must complete
before one gets into
the business of
mating their soul

i was later enlightened by a book
or maybe i should say
a book and The Book
but the book you see
was titled “The Sacred Search”
and it confirmed for me
what I had begun to sense
many years after writing
S.O.U.L Mate

if you join me in reading this book
definitely before you ever say “I do”
you will
just as i did
learn …
there just ain’t one somebody comin’ along

let me pause so you can take that in
there just ain’t one somebody comin’ along

breathe in and breathe out

when your mate
my mate
is discovered or perhaps revealed
he or she
should be a sole
S.O.L.E. mate
someone who will
walk along side you or me
do life together
as God intends
not in perfection
but in a committed union
not to be broken by man

But …
before you
seek to discover a sole mate
wherever he or she may be
let me clue you in on a few secrets
that i realized when i first wrote S.O.U.L. Mate

you see
unless you
strap on redemptions freedom
dig into the darkest crevices of your mind
open up the tightly sealed nooks and crannies
explore your most sacred places
embrace your most happiest of moments
deal with the most saddest of times

you can’t possibly
and authentically
and I do mean that emphatically
take the hand of your sole mate
and light a unity candle of love
in this thing called marriage

you’ve got to dig deep
my sisters and my brothers
you’ve got to dig deep
and surrender to Him – first!

for then
and only thenb
is a freed
band unconscious
mind born

then and only then, can sole


”For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NLT