Safe with me

Written by Angela Riddick. All material posted by Poetic Mustard Seeds is protected by copyright.

while you were

toiling in the fields

building tracks

and the buildings

that grace this America land

you had to put your emotions

on the side

and man up

your sensitivity

towards me

was wrapped in total survival of self

so that

you could return to me

you endured stripe upon stripe

to keep you in line

as time moved on, the egotistical pressures of life


laced with watching me move

from the big house to the corporate board room

but sweetheart …

my dear sweet heart of the black man you are

many of you are still in survival mode

the whip of manhood in all its many forms

continue to beat you down

but we is free to some degree

so today

i need both the man up and the man down

the man up …

so that you are responsible for your own meals

because the Word says

those who don’t work, don’t eat

i also need

the man down …

so that you will let me in …



so that

we, my sweet


experience true freedom

as one flesh

connected by the fluidness

of all of our emotions

i do not need or want you


i need you and want all of you with all of your emotions


my dear sweet black man

they are

safe with me.