I thought I knew you

Written and recited by Angela Riddick, Poetic Mustard Seeds. All material posted by Poetic Mustard Seeds is protected by copyright.

the first time around

I reluctantly let you into my life I had imagined you for many many years
but never had the bravery to welcome you in
I was plagued with straight, never kinky
would you go with my navy blue suit
or what will they say about you

but when I met you for the very first time
after plugging in
… head first

I found … that
you are soft
and thick
and supple
and had been waiting to really be touched
and paid soul attention to
for a very long time

I mean
the first time around
I found you to be wire-y
and surprisingly soft
and waiting to be softened some more
and adorned
and twirled
and touched
and rained on

but I lost patience
I mis treated you like a lot of us do

I cut you off
out of frustration
I didn’t even give you a proper burial
I let you go before …
really getting to know you

just like others have done

before meeting you for the very first time

I admit
I wigged you
and waved you
and stretched you
and pressed you
and sewed you up at times

just like others

I fried you
and permed you
and dyed you
some kind of bad

the fact is
some of us
have been so busy
tryin’ to be wella balsam beautiful and
weave crazy
that I think we forgot
that our locks and our strands
are naturally sweet
and soft
and curly
all on their own

so this second time around
I will do better
I thought I knew you


I thought I knew you

my beautiful
got a personality
all of its own

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalms 139:13 NLT