Arrested Development

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10

You see I —— am every day people

Yeah yeah yeah

just like the song says

but like the name of the group

“Arrested Development”

that was my current situation

for 5 straight weeks

home recovering from knee surgery

and … while it healed

the Master Healer did surgery

on my mind, the rest of my body and my spirit

because He knew my knee

wasn’t the only part

needing reconstruction

You see I —— am every day people 

Yeah yeah yeah

He took me, His child

less mobile

what some might call broken

in pain a lot of the time

under the comfort of medicine

He allowed to be made

with little company

everybody else at work …   and He arrested me

in a good way for His development

He revealed parts of my future

He re-ignited my passion for poetry

He brought me lots of challenges

and He showed me how to remain calm

no matter the circumstance

You see I —— am every day people 

Yeah yeah yeah

in those first 5 weeks of recovering

I saw my neighbors in a new light

I saw the stress of the job — lessen

my confidence went to a new level

and my laughter began to come from unfamiliar bellies

Yeah, I Amazon shopped

but I was cautious about what I bought

because He was doing a new thing in me

my family became more precious as I became aware

that I am one of His princesses

You see I —— am every day people 

Yeah yeah yeah

while my nurses nursed me back to good health

God arrested me

He said and I quote

“I’m giving you new knees for the new work I’m sending your way!”

Arrested Development!

that is what took place

You see I —— am every day people 

Yeah yeah yeah

and so are you

look up the song “Everyday People”

by Arrested Development

check out the original video

and get quiet

cause’ He is waiting on you

He has things He wants to whisper

in only “your” ear

because He uses … everyday people

so allow Him to arrest and develop you

for the time is near!