If the mountain were smooth, we wouldn’t climb it

“If the mountain were smooth, we wouldn’t climb it.”


Mountains have rough edges

uneven landings that shape the character of their very existence

it was never created to be smooth

it was created to be rugged in some places

textured along the way

tall in stature

dimly lit

yet bold on all sides

mountains layer upon one another

generally uninhabited 

yet awesome to wonder 

sound familiar?

like life

it too, was never meant to be smooth

each of us

were climbing our life’s mountains 

with their rocky terrains

their detours of pressing on 

with varied colorations that caused us to 

shift, stop, breathe, sob, laugh …

you know life’s drill

you get the view

and then we came to the landing of COVID 19

what the heck?

its rocky crevices 

filled with


and long walks to stay active

cautions to hold back hugs and kisses

quiet frankly

it’s unknown end

yet, like climbing the mountain

we must

keep climbing

keep wearing our masks

keep saying 6 feet apart

keep doing all things necessary

to keep all humanity safe

we will reach the top

one firm foot step at a time

then we will look back 

at the rocky terrain 

and appreciate

every step made

with every diligent act

because we will be at the top

looking down at the mountain-ness climb

that wasn’t as bad as we made it out to be 


we lean into the mountains majestic wonders

keep climbing

one firm foot step at a time 

because the mountain was never created to be smooth

the rough places give us footing to make the climb 

Inspired by God