About the Poet

I am a poet, trained facilitator, coach and licensed minister who is passionate about planting provocative thoughts for inner growth.

I have loved words since before I can remember. As a teenager, I began writing poetry but discarded most of what I thought were mindless wanderings. While attending graduate school, my passion for writing was re-ignited with the creation of my mission statement: I can no longer exist in a world that I believe needs changing and do nothing to bring about change.”

Since then, poetry has sprung forth from my life’s journey and encounters with Jesus Christ and it is these experiences that have taught me the depth of having faith. Now my love of words has expanded to include most importantly, the Word of God.

January 2014 marked the beginning of the Poetic Mustard Seeds movement through the launch of my website www.poeticmustardseeds.com. Using the Word of God, my gift of poetic expression, quotes, transparent stories, metaphors and character building training workshops, my vision is to intentionally cause you “pause”.  And in that pause, my prayer is that you breathe in a word of encouragement, continue on with life, and walk authentically in God’s abundance – knowing that the mountains in your life may or may not be intentional, but they are definitely movable as Matthew 17:20 tells us.

December 2018 marked the long awaited dream of publishing my very first chap book titled “NoHustleNoBustle”. I am also proud to be the mother of one son. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Organization Development and I love to help people blossom and grow. Thanks for visiting my website.


Angela, Poet

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