Poetic Wednesday

  • when I got quiet

    I noticed quiet

    when I sat still

    I noticed quiet

    when I forgot the cell phone

    I noticed quiet

    when I saw the beautiful full blossomed lavender tree

    amongst all the not-yet blossomed trees

    I noticed quiet

    when I placed my bare feet up

    facing the clouds

    reclined my back towards His grip 

    I noticed quiet

    when all around me was

    as still as an artificial flower 

    I noticed quiet

    when the extremely faint sounds of sirens, car horns, and airplanes taking off 

    became almost impossible to hear

    I noticed quiet

    It wasn’t until I heard the whisper to go outside

    instead of remaining in

    to find “that park” I happened upon

    parked my car

    took off my shoes


    grabbed my book

    rested my mind

    and read

    did I notice quiet

    I owe you an apology, quiet



    Written by Angela Riddick, Poetic Mustard Seeds. Copyright 2019. All work is protected. 

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