Poetic Wednesday

  • A Bolt to New York

    A bolt to NYC

    just Angie and me

    a cold winter’s day

    joy coming our way

    a ride filled with laughter 

    and a few hours’ sleep

    charging our batteries

    before we hit the street.

    We started at the tree

    a magnificent site to see

    even though our hands, and feet

    and head, and knees

    did freeze

    this didn’t stop our stream

    of creativity.

    Two artists at work

    determined to make the mishaps our perks

    adventure we sought

    fully animated, we bought.

    Colorful gear

    finding inspiration far, and near

    like luxury socks

    and on dog paws, they rocked

    soaring skyline high

    on our converse, we did fly

    discovering sparkling pom-pom hats

    riding New York style

    with speed taxi chats

    on treasures we did land.

    Artsy headbands

    bringing smiles to our faces

    wonder to our eyes

    laughter to our hearts

    and most importantly

    connecting us to our Creative Muse.

    A bolt to NYC

    just Angie and me

    Spring adventures

    in our dreams.

    Inspired and written by Grace Brown, Writer, on our whimsical day in New York City, January 2019. All work is protected by copyright.

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