Inspirational Sunday

  • Hey there sweet soul!

    It’s Resurrection Sunday, Easter Sunday, the day that we reflect on our risen Lord and Savior. My soul has been doing a happy dance for the past few days because I love celebrating and reflecting on what Easter means. Next to the birth Christ, His death, burial and resurrection epitomize how much He loves us, how much He loves me! 

    When you click the “Poetic Wednesday” tab, “this Easter” is the featured poem. As I was making the bed a few weeks ago, I became pregnant with it and right in the middle of tucking the bed sheets and fluffing pillows, I was inspired to write. Now, before you go there, please know I am not the Easter basket or chocolate bunny hater. My hope is to merely call your attention to the purity of why Easter is celebrated – because there is a God whose love trumps any other love you could ever have in your life and Who would literally die for you because He did!

    So be inspired during this pandemic season we have been called to. May the purity of what is really important in life rise to the top of your priority list. Happy Resurrection Day!



    Believer and Poet 

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