• “Thanks, I love it – Arrested Development.” Darlene- MD

    “I enjoy reading your words of encouragement. They are always thought provoking.” Crystal – MD

    “Hey, just read “Arrested Development”; you truly have a gift from God; keep doing what you are doing; it has a very powerful impact on those of us that believe and may even make some others see the light.” Pam – MD

    “Thank you Angie for “Arrested Development”. It speaks to my heart and my current state of mind. I need to get out of God’s way and let Him do His work! Thank you for helping me put things back into perspective.” Brandon – MD

    “Loved it. Your writing is so inspirational!”  Sandy – MD 

    “You have talent, Angie.”  John – VA

    “Hey Sis!!! So glad your keeping up with your ministry! I love the poems and encouragement.” – Soft Saturday Anastatia– VA

    “I’m loving this sis.” a soft Saturday – Benita -DC

    “Read your soft Saturday…again…always inspiring!” MAC – VA

    “I love your emails and poems. They take me to a special spiritual place.” – a soft Saturday – Geraldine –  NY


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