If it were the last Friday of the year, what would you be doing?

Would you have called out to work, like maybe you did earlier this year and you really weren’t sick?

Would you be paying a payday loan back because you just could not wait until Friday?

Would you have gotten up early and said thank you to God for opening your eyes on this last Friday of the year?

I mean, really, on the last Friday of the year, what would you be doing?

Would you stop on the street to help someone less fortunate from all the blessings you received this year?

Would you let somebody over in traffic for all the times you cut others off?

Would you visit someone in ICU that you did not know?

Would you donate the things you no longer use or need to someone who is in dire straights?

I mean really, if it were the last Friday of the year would you make any sacrifices for anybody like Jesus did on Good Friday ———————— for everybody?

Would you stretch your arms wide so that you could hold someone else up, on both sides?

Would you be your brothers keeper and wash someone else’s feet?

Would you endure just a little pain, maybe not by a nailed scarred hand

but perhaps by a nail scarred Friday, giving more than you received on this here last Friday of the year?

Would you curse someone (even silently) on this last Friday because of all the crap you endured in this last week?

Or would you tell someone you love them and really mean it?

If this were the last Friday of the year, and you were not guaranteed to see the first Friday of next year, what would you do to end your life on an extremely high and loving note?

Happy New Year, if the creek don’t rise!

Inspired by God on the last Friday of the year. Angela Riddick, Poet. Poetic Mustard Seeds. All work is protected by copyright. 12.28.18

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