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Written by Angela Riddick, Poetic Mustard Seeds. Copyright 2013

50 years ago

a bright-eyed wishful young woman

who was denied

who was emotionally scarred

traveled and she stood

not in spirit

but in Grace

and in person

50 years ago

a hopeful young man

kneeled towards strength

as he watched Dr. King deliver

what he hoped

were more than just a

soliloquy of grandiose words

50 years ago

amongst thousands


your children

my children

“our” children

beaming at the possibility

of being included

in the success of America’s tomorrow

50 years ago

a man was obedient

to God using him as a vessel

to wake America up

from its slumber of

mistreated humans

misguided principles


towards a hopeful greatness

50 years ago

on a sweltering day

in Washington

heat did not matter

distance did not matter

but dedication did matter

and their dedication

are the backs on which you and I stand

so …

50 years later

what are you dedicated to?

does anything in your life


turn the arc

toward justice

and peace

and fairness

and economic wholeness

for every American


do you rob mankind

do you shackle all of us

and our environment

of what it has the potential to be … by

refusing obedience

refusing to travel beyond your self

refusing to give beyond good measure

refusing to go the distance

and refusing to stand for what matters most

in person

and not just in spirit

50 years later

i ask

what are you dedicated to?