• ABC Easy Picyou are

    Able to

    Be what you

    Can’t see because

    Doer’s do not look for a way to

    Escape success; they

    Find a way to

    Give their best and

    Help make the world they are

    Involved in … a




    Memorable and


    Oppressive free

    Place, because doers


    Realize that their

    Super ability to be great lies in their God-given

    Talents; the ones they

    Uniquely possess, that helps them be

    Victorious, to

    Work hard, like the

    X-men do, with

    Yo-like qualities that puts them in a

    Zone all their own!


    Be a doer

    and use your teachers and parents to

    make it ABC easy!

    Dedicated to the Center City Public Charter School and all the children across the world who are able to do the impossible.

    “I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace. Isaiah 54:13, NLT

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