• Pre-HRT

    I did not care I could notget out of the bed
    my dreams laid on the coffee table
    waiting to be spoken
    I was sad a lot

    but I faked a lot
    I was dry
    and my scent disappeared
    I used to be horny at times
    and then, I never was

    I could not remember the last time I wanted some
    I thought – “is this all there is to life?” 

    waiting for someone

    to come and turn on my life switch
    lonely was my new best friend

    my bed, was my lover

    exercise, I forgot how

    tears, always close by

    skin, no moisture

    eyes, half shut

    soul, dormant
    I did not know how bad I felt 

    until I started feeling great again! 




    I show up

    I care

    I care that I matter
    I care about myself
    I care about my house

    I care about my body

    I care about my life

    I care about my soul 

    I care

    I care about what I let into my life 

    and what I choose to keep out

    I care about what’s going on in me; and outside of me

    my scent came back; my horny came back

    my moisture came back 

    fuzzy thinking left and my sleep came back

    more importantly, for real

    my smile came back

     my care came back

    I let God open my mind

    towards a solution – HRT!

    what am I talking about?

    “hormone replacement therapy”

    the bio-identical kind

    and I began

     to feel better

    I regained the strength 

    to turn my life switch back on

    I now care

    Because I now matter


    “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” – Proverbs 16:24

    Dedicated to Dr. Nadu Tuakli because every day is a glorious day!

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