• When a brother asks

     “Can you cook?” 

    especially when you haven’t cooked for someone in quite awhile!!!


    your knees … start to quiver a little

    asking yourself

    will he be around long enough to experience the finest of finest

    I have to offer


    or will this be carryout?


    will he pull up to the window

    place his order quickly

    not really surveying the menu


    because … the fast, tasteless food he wants …or thinks he wants …

    is before him

    on a list

    shining through neon lights

    a few letters missing here and there

    but just enough for him to 

    select, yet another tasteless meal?


    or will he stay long enough to taste my cooking?


    not just the clamor and clanging of my caphalon pots

    but long enough to experience the finest woman he’ll ever know

    a gem amongst jewels

    a rare find

    a breadth of fresh air!


    Here’s a tip, hungry man


    Don’t ask, “Can you cook?”



    you plan on sticking around long enough to experience my cooking!


    true … it won’t be carryout 


    no, it won’t take less than an hour to savor

    …if there is such a thing

    but …

    it will be wonderful

    deliciously wonderful

    the finest of finest, ever set before a king – 


    a queen!!!


    and yes, she cooks!


    “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22 NLT

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