• So this is a first for Poetic Mustard Seeds – a repost. Earlier this year, The Seasons of Life was featured. The story highlighted how I was inspired to write the poem many years ago. As we move into the Fall season, I feel compelled to redirect our attention to it, however for different reasons.

    In the whole scheme of life, we are always in some sort of season regardless of whether they  parallel Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  There are seasons of gain, loss, bereavement, depression, happiness, success or complacency, just to name a few.

    Quite frankly, there will always be something pulling at us because that is what life is all about – full of seasons to help build our character.

    There is however, one constant and that is God’s loving arms to strengthen us along the journey. No matter how much snow falls, or how much rain drops, or how low life looks or how unreachable the mountains in our lives appear, His love will never fail us regardless of what season we are in.

    So while you and I are doing our best to not let the seasons pass us by and prayerfully, we are appreciating the beauty that lies within each moment, I challenge myself as well as you with this question – where are we anchored?

    You see, there are not enough parties to go to; not enough happy hours to attend; not enough shoes to buy or enough beers to drink when our backs are up against the wall because of the present season we are in. We must be anchored, so that we can stand regardless of the season’s outcome.

    Only the Father knows the upcoming season despite what the weather person or the economist predicts. Want proof – Daniel 2:21 NKJV tells us “And He changes the times and seasons; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.”

    So again I ask, where’s your anchor? Where is your understanding? May the provocative thoughts of The Seasons of Life move you toward the stability of the One Who has all of the past, present and future seasons under control.  Click the poetic Wednesday and be inspired.


    Written by Angela M. Riddick and edited by Grace M. Brown.  All material posted by Poetic Mustard Seeds is protected by copyright.

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